Welcome to NOC helper!

Welcome to NOC Helper : WorldWide Friendship!

WorldWide Friendship Pins (WWF for short) has been in operation now since 2016. Our goal is to help all the NOC to be stronger and play better in the competition. We have been working with many different National Olympic Committees (NOC for short), Sporting Federations during the games.

As a result of the work we have done, we have helped some NOCs get better performance and also we have some good products. Then, our friends became more and more, and our products will be better and better.

We are the bridge between Olympic pin collectors and NOCs/Federations, so we help each other and we grow up together!

I am helping small NOCs to get a gold! 助小成金 in Chinese.

We are the official licensed EXCLUSIVE pin/badge supplier for the following NOCs until Dec 31st 2020:

Not only pins, I am also provide various items to my NOC friends, including: tie, shirt, T-shirt, shoes, uniform, executive suit, lady scarf, patch, winter coats, socks, cap, bags, USB drive, pen, ball pen, cellphone etc, and all of them are MADE IN CHINA. 我以自己的实际行动,践行中国的一带一路!

For pin/badges, we work with:


Benin; Burundi; Cape Verdo, Eritrea; Ghana, Lesotho, Madagascar; Niger; Togo;  Uganda; Zambia;

Eritrea NOC












Latin America:








If you have any questions, please email me: NocHelper@126.com